React Redux Starter

Details about my React starter template with Redux, Router and Sass out of the box

By Daniel Bate

30 Sep, 2020

Whenever I begin a new React project I always start with create-react-app. Then I delete a load of the boiler plate that comes with it, and then install packages to handle routing and state management. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a lengthy process but with the amount of times I've repeated it I felt I should create a template for myself to cut out the entire process. And if there's anything that I've learnt from programming it's that I shouldn't be repeating myself... So I decided to create my own React starter template that I can reuse whenever I start a new project. I've also uploaded it publicly on GitHub should anyone want to use it for themselves:

Out of the box it comes with the following tech:

  • React
  • Redux (w/ logger and persistence)
  • Router
  • Sass

I chose this tech as these are the ones that I include in every project without fail. I always opt for Sass over Css so felt it was appropriate to include it. I tend to always use MaterialUI as well, however I do want to start moving away from it so I decided not to include it here. And different projects may warrant different component libraries, or not one at all, so I felt it was appropriate to not include it. Going forwards I really want to start swapping out MaterialUI for Tailwind CSS as it seems a lot less restrictive.

I'm going to create some more starter templates for other technologies that I frequently use. Especially one for Laravel with React which will come with JSON Web Token based authentication out of the box, so stay tuned for that! And let me know if you find this starter helpful.