Documenting My Developer Journey

Why I've decided to start sharing more content online and my plans for the future

By Daniel Bate

18 Aug, 2020

Now that I have surpassed a year working commercially as a web developer, I feel that I am now confident enough to start publicly documenting my journey. In the past I have felt like the content I produced was never good enough to put online, however now it's clear that learning is an integral part of becoming a software developer; and is a process that I have come to enjoy as much as the finished product. Therefore I saw this as a good opportunity to start a tech instagram account (@danbatedev) alongside starting to write blog posts.

Although this has been something that I have wanted to do for over a year, it has been prompted by a podcast that I spoke on very recently. My good friend Conor asked if I wanted to come onto his podcast Brain Dump and talk about my experiences with programming and starting a career in the tech world. The whole concept of sharing these experiences was alien to me and something that I found pretty daunting, and I was certain there was going to be some kind of negative backlash. However, Conor made it very easy for me and I ended up enjoying it to the extent that it motivated me to share more content online. Not only because it provides me with an opportunity to reflect on my own career and plan for the future, but may also inspire others to dive into the tech world.

Consequently, I am going to use instagram to discuss more general updates in what I am working on and share my passion for technology, and blog posts as a place to discuss topics in greater depth. Going forwards I am also considering creating some beginner level tutorials; potentially including deploying a blog with GatsbyJS and Netlify. I'd also love to cover some more intermediate topics including full-stack Laravel and React.

I am far better at writing code than well formulated sentences so I hope this blog post comes across okay. If you can take anything away from this post, I hope it's to stop thinking about all the reasons not to do something and that a little self belief can go a really long way. Look forward to more blog posts from myself and please get in touch if you have any comments.