Book Review: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

My review of Murphy's explanation of how you can make drastic lifestyle changes through manifestation

By Daniel Bate

01 Feb, 2021

I've just finished reading 'The Power of Your Subconscious Mind' by Joseph Murphy and to be honest I've got mixed feelings about it. I usually really enjoy books on personal development, especially ones that leave me feeling better equipped to take on the world. I am currently working through 'Atomic Habits' by James Clear and have been taking sizeable breaks in between chapters in order to practice the techniques laid out throughout the book. However Murphy's book fixates on only one method throughout, manifestation. The premise for most of the book is just explaining a wide range of scenarios, many that I couldn't really relate to, and then discussing the manifestation that was used to break out of said scenario.

If you aren't familiar with manifestation, it is the practice of bringing something tangible into your life through belief. Basically, think it and it will come. I think this is a really healthy thing to do, changing the way you think and your beliefs about yourself are one of the first steps to changing your lifestyle. However my issue with the book was that this was drummed in over and over. I feel a little misled as I believe it is better as a guide on different types of manifestation, rather than taking control of your subconscious. It also felt a little oversimplified at times. There was no explanation as to why it works, or any counter. Just example after example, including some that felt a little farfetched, of people in difficult situations, and how they manifested to get out of that situation.

However I did genuinely really enjoy the aspects I could relate to as he was trying to highlight the importance of mental resilience. And that if you manifest hard enough, it doesn't matter what trials or tribulations you face, you are encompassing a greater sense of self and belief that can overcome any situation.

"When fear knocks at the door of your mind, let faith and all things good open the door"

Consequently, when you are mentally equipped, taking on new opportunities isn't so daunting. And it just becomes a natural progression in obtaining the person or lifestyle that you are manifesting.

"Do the thing you are afraid to do, and the death of fear is certain"

So I did enjoy 'The Power of Your Subconscious Mind' this book, it just felt a bit receptive at times which made me lose interest in the message. However I would recommend it to anyone that is interested in manifestation, because Murphy is a very good story teller and is a real advocate for the method.