2020 Reflections

My thoughts on 2020 as I look back on a unique and difficult year and find some positives

By Daniel Bate

26 Dec, 2020

Even though it has been a very strange and stagnant year, it's given me lots of things to think about. Reflection is a really helpful tool, often looking back helps propel me forwards by appreciating why I felt or acted in a certain way at a specific time. I usually try and reflect at the end of every week, but this ones going to be a little different as I'm going to share my key takeaways from the entire year.

Don't stress over the things you can't control

This is a really important one for this year. There are so many things outside the realm of my control that I have spent a lot of energy worrying about. However in practice this is actually quite pointless, if I can't do anything about it then it isn't worth expending valuable energy causing harm to myself about it. Whereas this same energy could be invested more positively into things that will benefit me, regardless of the negative factors. And when I do invest this time more positively, I find that the things that were bothering me in the first place affect me far less.

Practice gratitude

It's easy to look back at this year and identify all the things that were taken away from me as a result of the global situation. But I am very thankful for the things I do have and how much worse it has been for many other people.

Be positive and optimistic

I've always tried to be as present as possible. Living in the past can be really unhealthy and life will fly by if we always look to the future, but being present allows you to enjoy and experience the current moment but also build a positive future for yourself. Therefore it's important to reflect positively on our current experiences, and try and be optimistic about what's to come. There are so many lessons to be learnt after the past year and positives that can be drawn, many that may only be identified after reflecting positively on it.

Be kind and forgive each other

This has been a difficult year with a range of additional external pressures, so your friends and family may not have been acting completely themselves. Therefore it's important to be kind to each other to not exert any additional pressure. Furthermore be empathetic and forgiving as it is a difficult time having a strong support network is important at times like these.

I'm also going to be posting soon about my goals for 2021. If you are interested in being more reflective, here is a link for my weekly planning template that includes reflections on the second page. Also if you enjoyed this blog, please consider checking out my instagram page or signing up to my newsletter.