Daniel Bate

Full-Stack Web Developer

Daniel Bate


Currently working as a Web Developer in Bristol, UK and previously studied at the University of the West of England. I love all things programming, fitness and drum 'n' bass related. You'll usually find me working with the following tech:


JavaScript (React / Vue)


JAM Stack

Data Visualisation


PHP (Laravel)

Databases (MySQL / Firebase)

LAMP Stack

API Development


Version Control (Git)

UX / UI Design

Testing (PHPUnit / Selenium)

Third Party Integrations


One of my ambitions is to document my journey as a developer so I can show some of the projects I am working on and hopefully inspire others to take the plunge. You can keep up with my endeavours on Instagram (@danbatedev) or through my blogs:

React Redux Starter

30 Sep 2020

React Redux Starter

Details about my React starter template with Redux, Router and Sass out of the box

Amcrest Webcam Review

29 Aug 2020

Amcrest Webcam Review

My experiences of remote working and video conferencing with the Amcrest 1080P webcam

Documenting My Developer Journey

18 Aug 2020

Documenting My Developer Journey

Why I've decided to start sharing more content online and my plans for the future